Client Profile

AAPT Reduces DSO's

With the successful implementation of Wincollect, AAPT saw in immediate reduction in their Days Outstanding by 15 days. So successful was the implementation that the choice was made to roll it out to their entire Commercial RM divisions..

Location →     Sydney CBD
Number of Users →     50
Date went Live →     April 2008
Industry Type →     Telco, Commercial, Credit Management (First Party).

Client Comments

Wincollect was chosen because of its flexibility and its resulting ability to deal with the varied and complicated nature of our businesses, its price point and its proven track record of reliability.

The introduction of Wincollect to AAPTs collections has allowed the business to focus on fundamental roles critical to success:

  • Cash Collections.
  • Credit Risk Management.
  • Accountability: Upstream in the business.
  • Flexibility: enabling us to assess the commercial costs and benefits of the various credit roles and make adjustments to activities performed.

Accordingly this has resulted in:

  • Improved DSO's: Reductions have been acheived across all divisions within the business. Since conversion DSO's have reduced on average by 15 days. As an example our wholesale unit moved from 48 days to 32 days.
  • Improved Cashflow: On average we saw a $5.3m increase in receipts per month.
  • Improved Operating Costs: operating costs reduced by 17%.

The successful implementation of Wincollect has greatly changed AAPTs business model and has allowed Credit & Collections to be a responsive and nimble business unit well able to meet the demands of an ever changing market.