Welcome to Wincollect

Wincollect is a Receivables Management software system designed to assist in the automation and management of todays highly sophisticated credit departments. It is a suite of applications with specific tasks such as reporting, customer service and dispute resolution all backed up by a team of specialists that has experience in managing the complex needs of our client base that operates in more than 10 countries around the world. 

To view further information about the Credit Management Solution that Wincollect supplies, choose from the Credit Management menu option. You can also browse some of the Client Profiles we have published to demonstrate Wincollect in operation.

Thinking Receivables and Credit Management Software? Think Wincollect!

What Our Clients Say

  • Having used Wincollect for more than 12 years now, we have found the system to be extremely reliable, easy to use and able to meet the needs of our unique business requirements.See Full Profile  

    David Gibson
    General Manager, Industry Funds Credit Control

  • Wincollect has greatly changed AAPTs business model and has allowed Credit & Collections to be a responsive and nimble business unit well able to meet the demands of an ever changing market. See Full Profile   

    Geordie Velten
    Head of Credit and Collections AAPT

  • tuning the system to our processes we have been able to progressively streamline our operations whilst reducing overheads. See Full Profile   

    Michael Cretan
    Tasmanian Collection Service