TASCOL Success

Tasmanian Collection Service (TCS) is the largest debt collection and credit reference agency in Tasmania, Australia. It has been using the Wincollect Enterprise Suite products since 2009 to handle all aspects of their debt collection cycle.

Location →     Tasmania, Australia
Number of Users →     30
Date went Live →     2009 
Industry Type →     Debt Collection and Credit Reference Agency.

Client Comments

TCS have 3 offices and over 30 staff using Wincollect, and by tuning the system to our processes we have been able to progressively streamline our operations whilst reducing overheads.

From an IT perspective, we have greatly valued the open access to the SQL database backend, which has provided us with the opportunity to create specific in-house process driven extensions to the product as needs arise. It has also allowed us to remain adaptive to our clients requirements, and comprehensively mine the data for our decision support needs.

We look forward to having Wincollect as a key part of our business model into the future.