Industry Funds Credit Control

Industry Funds Credit Control is the leading collector of outstanding super contributions and entitlements for the members of industry super funds. During the last financial year to 2013, Industry Funds Credit Control collected more than $120 million of outstanding member entitlements.

Location →     Melbourne, Australia
Number of Users →     45 
Date went Live →     2002         
Industry Type →     Superannuation, Areas Management (First Party).

Client Comments

IFCC has been using the Wincollect system for the past 12 years to manage our Arrears Collection and Litigation services to ensure that members superannuation contributions are paid and their entitlements are secure. Files are electronically received from Member Funds throughout each month and our staff are able to manage their portfolio's easily through the use of the systems powerful Queue based functionality.

Wincollect offers us an extremely reliable and robust platform to run our operations and allows us to get access to a large amount of information on each file with the click of a button. All this comes in a system that is easy to learn for any new staff member, which saves us time and money.