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About Us

Mission Statement

At Wincollect, we are focused on delivering technology that ensures there are no boundaries to the potential of your business. We believe that whilst all Receivables data may start out similar, it does not have to stay that way. It is what you can do with it that counts. To this end, we are constantly driven by the desire to provide you with a Receivables Solution that puts you in control of how far you want to go. This desire forms the foundation for every aspect of our business activities.

Who We Are

Wincollect was established in the mid 1990's with one clear goal - to specialize in providing Software Solutions for the Receivables Management and Debt Collection.

Since its launch, Wincollect has evolved into a suite of solutions that delivers real benefits to the end user both from a corporate and a collector's perspective. As a result of providing a successful formula for the industry Wincollect now operates an international business that not only Develops, Sells and Supports Wincollect but also offers a complete service that is designed to compliment the Wincollect products. These services include Project Management, Business Analysis, Custom Programming Services, Business Logic and Hosted Solutions. Each of these additional services is designed to help our new and existing clients to enjoy a complete technology change management experience.

Quick Facts

user_headset Dedicated Support
Wincollect provides a professional and dedicated Phone Support team along with a 24 hour access online Helpdesk system. 
image Proven Solutions
The Wincollect product is a solid platform that has produced results for our clients for almost 20 years.  
image Industry Experience
We cater to a wide range of Industry including Agency, Banking, Telecommunications, Government and Law Enforcement.  
earth Global Client Base
Our Client Base includes business throughout Australia, South Africa, United Kingdom, Asia, USA and Canada.  

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