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  • Increase Receipts

    Wincollect has powerful automated tracking functions to maximize collection ratios and improve your receipts.

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  • Reduce DSO's

    Wincollect is a Credit & Collections software system designed to assist in the automation and management of todays highly sophisticated Credit & Collection functions.

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  • Improve Results

    Gain superior control of your receivables with powerful tools to manage the challenges you face now and in the future. Collect and win!

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TMT Services

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South African Traffic Infringement collections now being managed by Wincollect.  Learn More

TASCOL Reduces Costs

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Tasmanian Collections successfully implements Wincollect and achieves excellent results. Learn More

AAPT Reduces DSO's

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AAPT reduced their DSO's by 15 Days in the first month of implementing Wincollect. Learn More


Wincollect Credit Management provides you with the information and the tools you need to monitor, evaluate and assess your credit ledger giving you the power to make informed decisions faster and improve your DSO's. Wincollect Credit Management is integrated to the main suite of applications and is designed to specifically address the needs of even the most demaning credit departments.

Wincollect Credit Management is a solution that helps you improve cash flow, increase effiiciency and reduce operating costs, improve customer relations and reduce bad debt, through a set of tools designed to help you stay in control of your ledger.

Key Features and Benefits

From the moment an account first enters Wincollect, the path it flows through is managed automatically through your own set of customizable business rules and logic statements. As the account flows through its path, the User Interface is designed to be easy to navigate and minimize the training time. Wincollect has a powerful Queue facility that enables you to make sure the right accounts are delivered to the right places on time, and leaves you time to spend on the important commercial decisions with a new level of confidence:

  • Powerful SQL Server Database allowing integration with existing processes and data access
  • Billing information presented in DSO and Indivdual Invoice format
  • Tracking and Management by DSO's
  • Data Management Services
  • Multiple Site Locations and Regions
  • Management Reporting
  • Browser Based Reporting
  • Workflow Management
  • Collector Queues
  • Report Scheduling and Distribution
  • Dispute Resolution Module
  • SMS and Email
  • Rules based credit strategies
Wincollect is used to run a variety of Credit Departments around the world. From Telco's, District Attorney's, Superannuation Funds, Law Enforcement and Free Flow Tolling! Want to find out how Wincollect can help reduce your DSO's?

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What Our Clients Say

  • Wincollect has greatly changed AAPTs business model and has allowed Credit & Collections to be a responsive and nimble business unit well able to meet the demands of an ever changing market. See Full Profile   

    Geordie Velten
    Head of Credit and Collections AAPT

  • ..by tuning the system to our processes we have been able to progressively streamline our operations whilst reducing overheads. See Full Profile   

    Michael Cretan
    Tasmanian Collection Service